The Tomorrow People 1.22

“Son Of Man” 5/5/14 Jed storms Ultra with his new powers and shoots Roger to stop the machine. But the machine apparently has a life of its own now. Stephen decides to become a killer TP by doing what happened to John. The Founder tells Russell bring Cara or he goes boom. Cara tells John to take care of Astrid. Stephen goes to get the drug that turned John killer and realizes The Founder has been mass producing it. The hit squad goes to the lair and Russell saves Cara. Cara convinces Stephen not to take the drug. The team decides to storm Ultra. Cara and The Founder square off. The device engages. Stephen tries to stop the machine and the Founder slaps him around till Stephen just absorbs the machines power and turns it back on the machine then creates a wormhole and throws the Founder and the machine inside. When Cara and John reunite, Natalie comes and shoots her but Stephen turns back time and stops her. Two weeks later, Jed offers John his powers back. Hundreds of TP show up at the lair and they take over Ultra. Jed shows up at the senator’s office and says he has a paranormal super soldier… John who apparently has no recollection of his past. The Tomorrow People used to be tvthatiwatch-ed but it’s been canceled!!!!!!!

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