Resurrection 1.08

“Torn Apart” 5/4/14 A dead locust falls from the sky. Rachel looks at her dead body. Turns out Barbara has been back a week. Lots of returned come back. Helens sister returns. Barbara breaks up with Fred. Col. Stone and the military shows up with supplies. And Fred loses his shit and tell Stone the dead can’t died and they are evil. The town herds the returned into the gym. Bellamy pulls the fire drill and some escape. Fred gets a militia to round up the returned dead or alive. Bellamy goes to save Jacob and the Langston’s ask Bellamy to take him and run. Maggie gets arrested and Frank realized he’s made a terrible mistake. As Bellamy and Jacob head off into the sunset they stop to look at the thousands of dead cicada. Then the helicopter shows up and a slew of black SUVs and then Jacob reveals Bellamys scar!!! He’s a returned!!!! Resurrection is awesome tvthatiwatch.

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