Resurrection 1.05

“Insomnia” 4/6/14 Bellamy has a dream that guards come to take Jacob. The police rip Elaine’s place apart and she gets fired from the bank. Tom puts Rachel up in a hotel but tells the wife she left. Flashback to the case that messed up Bellamy years ago, the kid that turned states evidence died. Bellamy and sheriff try to find the money. Caleb says more will return. Tom takes Rachel to see Maggie. Elaine goes to see Caleb. Rachel is pregnant. Elaine finds the money and turns it over to Bellamy. When he confronts Caleb he messes with Bellamy about the dead kid from his past then he disappears from the cell. Bellamy infers that the dream Jacob had foretold Caleb disappearing and therefore Jacob will disappear next. Resurrection is awesome tvthatiwatch.

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