Resurrection 1.03

“Two Rivers” 3/23/14 Dead Jacob is in the coffin. Bellamy goes to see Caleb and tells him to back off. Langston is having pains in his arm. Caleb eats all the food in the fridge. Sheriff asks Jacob if the strange man pushed her in or tried to save her and Jacob tells him he tried to save her. He then goes to the town River man lives in and obliquely tells him he will kill him if he ever sees him again. Bellamy and Maggie go to Caleb’s shack and see a bunch of holes dug in the ground. From that they deduce the bank that was robbed years ago could have been by Caleb and his crew. Maggie theorizes that the river might be the connection as they threw Caleb’s ashes in the river. The parishiners tell Tom they don’t want Jacob in the church. Bellamy goes to the house of the guy Caleb killed and finds him dead. Another returned returns – Rachel. Resurrection is awesome tvthatiwatch.

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