Once Upon A Time 3.20

“Kansas” 5/4/14 Labor. Zelina and Gold start to cast their spell. Emma and Hook go to takes on Zelina and she makes Gold drown Hook thereby making her kiss him. Then she storms the hospital and takes the baby. Henry and Emma convince Regina she has the power of white magic so they confront Zelina, she stops the spell and and saves the day taking Zelina’s necklace. Meanwhile Glinda gives Zelina a seat at the Sisterhood of Witches table, West the Seat of innocence if she decides to change her “colors” and become good because the book of destiny mentions that a child of great power brought by a tornado will save them. Then a tornado touches down and Dorothy pops out and Zelina gets a jealous again. When she confronts Dorothy, Dorothy throws water at Zelina to put out the fireball she was going to throw at her and melts her. Dorothy just wants to go home so they visit the wizard who gives her shoes to get home, then Zelina pops out behind the curtain and banishes Glinda. Belle gives Gold his dagger because she believes in him. But he goes to see Zelina and informs her Belle has a fake then he stabs her, she turns to glass and shatters, turns to dust then green magic pops out of the hiding place of her necklace and goes to where the spell was being cast and creates a portal. Once Upon A Time is tvthatiwatch.

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