Hannibal 2.10

“Naka-Choko” 5/2/14. Hannibal tends to Will’s wounds from killing animal man. Someone displays animal man as part human part cave bear in a museum. Will goes to see the journalist. Margo’s brother shows her his new trick where he trained the pigs to eat a human in her clothing. And then she goes to see Will and taps that. And then there is a wierd 4 way, well 5 way, with Alana and the Stagman and Hannibal. Freddie confronts Alana which sets off Hannibal to try to kill her. Freddie shows up at Will’s and snoops, finds the animal man carcass and his jaw then proceeds to get in a fight with Will. Then Will brings Hannibal a piece of meat and they enjoy a meal. Innuendo flies. Hannibal is amazing tvthatiwatch.

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