The 100 1.06

“His Sister’s Keeper” 4/23/14 Olivia is captured and has a ripped open leg so the grounder cauterizes it. Which cause the flashback to when she was born and raise on the station living under the floorboards because she was a second born which is a no, no. Flashback brother made her go to a masquerade party and they got caught so her mom got spaced and her brother thrown in jail. Present day brother rounds everyone up to go find her and they get chased by grounders and several people get killed. This sh!t is real.  Clarke and Raven go to the bunker that Clarke made love to Finn in to find a circuit board to reestablish communications with the station. The group finds Olivia and beats up the grounder but Finn gets stabbed. The 100 is pretty good future Lord Of The Flies tvthatiwatch.


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