Once Upon a Time 3.19

“A Curious Thing” 4/27/14 Flashback to a year ago, everyone in Enchanted is plotting to stop Wicked but she stops by and wants Mary Margaret’s baby. They all head to Rumple’s castle who tells them to find Glenda.  So they head to the Dark Forest and meet up with her and she says only a wielder of white magic can destroy Zelina and Zelina’s power happens to be in the necklace. They realize they have the reenact the curse so Snow is the one who casts it ripping Charming’s heart out but just as the curse is about to erupt, Wicked stops by and cast a forget spell into it too.  Snow remembers that Charming and her are two people of the same heart and figures out that Regina can split her heart and give it to Charming. Then the Curse wipes over them. Back in Storybrooke, Emma, and Mary Margaret and the team figure out that the book is the key to giving them answers so start looking for it.  Henry decides to run away and Hook hooks him up with Smee but they get attacked by flying monkeys then Emma and Regina show up and start tossing spells and shooting guns thereby vanquishing the monkeys.  Henry freaks out and Emma says hold on to the book and believe in her which makes Henry remember everything.  Then, just as Emma is about to kiss Henry on the forehead, which should remove the forget spell, Wicked shows up and threatens to kill Henry but Emma summons up a spell which makes Wicked leave. Regina says she loves Henry and kisses him which actually destroys the forget spell. Neal was the one who sent Hook to find Emma.  Mary Margaret goes into labor. Once Upon a Time is tvthatiwatch.

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