Arrow 2.20

“Seeing Red” 4/23/14 Roy is in the Arrow Cave and wakes up and sees red.  Thea says Moira can’t use Verdant for her rally. Old Ollie got a girl pregnant. Roy beats up Sin’s friends because he’s like comic book strong now. Moira decides to quit the Mayorial race. Roy heads to the clock tower and beats the crap out of Canary and Arrow then takes on the cops. Thea sees video footage of Roy gone crazy and tries to hunt him down. Sarah takes a gun and decides to take a head shot to Roy.  Roy decides everything is Thea’s fault. Oliver tells his mom not to get out of the race and, WOW, Moira confesses she knows about Arrow!! Then stays in the race.  Thea gets on stage and decides she is going to draw Roy to her.  So he attacks and Sarah blows out his leg and Arrow shoots him with 3 venom arrows. Sarah breaks up with Ollie and rides off into the night.  Moira decides to tell a secret about Malcolm and the limo gets T-boned by Slade and he makes Oliver choose between Moira and Thea but Moira steps up and says kill me to save my children then Slade STABS her through the heart and releases Thea. Arrow is really great tvthatiwatch.


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