The Tomorrow People 1.20

“A Sort Of Homecoming” 4/21/14 Roger comes back from the dead and wakes up. The Founder still has nefarious plans. Roger decides he is going topside and the only way to do that is for John to get shirtless and fight him. Roger makes Chicken Parm and Astrid and Hillary come over and Luka says this blows cause dad has been gone for 10 years. The Founder sends a sniper to take out Roger out but Hillary says there is no shot? Jed and Roger want to know if the machine has been activated via Stephen so Jed gets ALICE to give him footage and apparently while Stephen was stopping time it creates a technicality in the safeguards on the Tomorrow People and they can kill people frozen in time. Ultra moves the machine in anticipation of Roger destroying it as Stephen and Roger go to take it out, John pulls a gun on Roger and shoots him…. With a tranq gun because he doesn’t want him to not be the savior and plans on blowing up the machine. Hillary runs in and tells Stephen it’s a trap.  And the D-chips are back on. John gets captured and The Founder wants to know where Roger is but John won’t tell him so he gets injected with something that makes his powers freak out and he passes out. A batch of the TP decide to join Ultra and Russell goes with them to spy.  They gets injected with the “marker”, a way to track TP. Hillary goes to Astrid and says I f’d up and asks her to call her in an hour. And now Luke loves his dad? Hillary confronts The Founder with a bomb strapped to her and astrid calls and it goes boom just as Stephen walks in. The Tomorrow People is tvthatiwatch.

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