The 100 1.05

“Twilights Last Gleaming” 4/16/14 Finn and Clarke in the afterglow, see a pod that is landing. Bellamy takes off after the pod and rips out the communication device before anyone gets there. Finn and Clarke show up to rescue Raven. Octavia falls down a hill. The council has to kill a bunch of people to save air and are planning an “accident” in a wing of the station but Abby thinks everyone has the right to know so plays the message her husband made about the station dying before they spaced him and people volunteer to give up their lives. Raven figures out with the communicator down she can send rockets for them to see. They space the volunteers. Abby sees the rockets. Octavia wakes up to see a grounder standing over her. The 100 is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.


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