Hannibal 2.08

“Su-Zakana” 4/18/14 Will and Jack decide to go fishing and they deliver the trout to Hannibal. A horse has a human body sewed up inside it. More Alana and Hannibal doing it. Hannibal has a new patient that wants to kill her brother. The dead woman has something inside of her. A bird.  When they track down people who worked at the stalls they find a man who was once kicked in the head by a horse which leads to a psychotic social worker who killed 16 women but is trying to place the blame on the injured man. Push comes to shove and the injured man places the social worker inside the dead horse that kicked him in the head still alive. When the social worker plays the victim, Will doesn’t care and pulls the trigger but Hannibal catches the hammer. Hannibal is beautiful tvthatiwatch.


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