Arrow 2.19

“The Man Under The Hood” 4/16/14 Ollie and the team blow up the Applied Technologies division of Queen Consolidated. Island Ollie finds out from Ivo that the Mirakuru can be reversed. Deathstroke attacks the team in the Arrow cave and steals the skeleton key. Caitlyn and Cisco of Star Labs (Hello Flash) happen to be cataloging all the stuff in Starling City now that the particle accelerator blew up and Star Labs has to consolidate. Deathstroke attacks and they use Alan Light’s gun to stop him only he finds a bio transfusion system and turns tail. Quinten gets beat up in prison. Felicity gets a ping on the bio thingie. Turns out it’s not Slade attached to the machine but Roy!  Fighty fight and Diggle shoots Isabella. Guess her being the new CEO is moot. Laurel puts it together that Sara is Black Canary. Slade give Isabella and the other inmates a transfusion. Arrow is fun tvthatiwatch.


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