Grimm 3.18

“The Law Of Sacrifice” 4/11/14 Nick heads over to see Renard and Adalind and says let’s all work together. Vicktor calls a representative in Portland, C. Thomas Howell, to get the baby back. Two guys storm Renard’s place to get the baby. Fighty fight. And they escape and head to Monroe’s place. After making sure Adalind is OK they head to the FBI agents house to beat the crap out of him and he tells them Vicktor is on the way. Kelly gets arrested for the murder of Adaline’s mom which means Adalind must go down to the station to make a statement when she hands the baby to Renard she gets a lecture by Kelly about sacrificing when you have a child. Renard then gives the baby to Vicktor. Then a group of resistance fighters stop Vicktor and take the baby but the resistance fighters are the Grimm team and they give the baby to Kelly. Grimm is fun tvthatiwatch.


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