Hannibal 2.06

“Futamono” 4/4/14 The Ripper strikes again. This time a tree with branches piercing the frame and poisonous flowers planted all in its chest. Hannibal refuses to look at it and to deal with Will but he will throw a dinner party. Gideon talks to Will about Hannibal’s house and how Hannibal told him to take out Alana. When Jack confronts Gideon he lies then the guards beat the crap out of him. Jack takes a few samples from the party to get analyzed. Alana sleeps with Hannibal and in the afterglow he sneaks away and kills the guard watching Gideon in the infirmary and takes Gideon. When Jack stops by the next day, Alana says he was with her all night. Hannibal serves up Gideon’s leg to him now that his back is broken and he with never walk again. The evidence, fishing lures, from the hospital guard exonerates Will and points to a farm in the woods and Miriam! from last season. Hannibal is awesome tvthatiwatch.


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