Being Human 4.13

“There Goes The Neighborhood, Part 3” 4/7/14 Sally stops time and moves Nora and Josh to the basement. When Aiden comes down she slams him against the wall and casts a spell giving him her soul. They all leave the house. Aiden has a cheeseburger and goes to the trailer. A contractor is working on the house and Ramona shows him her room then stabs him in the neck with a shard from the mirror. Aiden is prematurely aging. Aiden finds a vamp at a bar and asks him to turn him but Josh stops him. While having coffee the next day they see the murder at their old house. Aiden goes to the house confronts Ramona and burns the house down but not before getting tossed down stairs just like Sally. Nora and Josh show up at the burned down house and ghost Aiden shows up. And so does his door. He goes through it and Sally is waiting for him. End on Josh and Nora walking up from a wonderful dream of having dinner with Aiden and Sally and they go and find their 2 kids, which they named Sally and Aiden, running around in the field.  Being Human is season finale tvthatiwatch.


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