Warehouse 13 5.01

“Endless Terror” 4/14/14 Claudia and Giles – I mean Paracelsus do glorious battle in the Warehouse only he bests her, and thereby controls her.  Meanwhile Artie and Jinks try to break through the forcefield and Mika remembers that the Warehouse is powered by the Alpha Centauri star system? and diverts the stream to get them past the force field.  Once inside Artie and Mika go to relight the eternal flame inside the warehouse while Pete and Jinks do battle with Claudia.  All of this was a diversion so Paracelsus could create a time machine to go back and make himself supreme ruler of the previous Warehouse. Reality changes and the team are in a new universe where the artifacts are mined for power and Paracelsus is a crazed overlord. Through a series of adventures they recreate the time machine and go back and stop Paracelsus.  Everything reverts back to normal except Claudia wants to get her sister back and Valda – one of Paracelsus’s henchmen from the alternate reality slipped though.  Warehouse 13 is tvthatiwatch.


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