Arrow  2.18

“Deathstroke” 4/2/14 Slade kicks Thea out of car in a really bad neighborhood and she runs into Brother Blood. Moira and Sebastian debate until a video feed cuts in and Thea asks a question – tied up and as a hostage. Oliver gives Isabella temporary CEO powers while he deals with the kidnapping. Arrow shoots Slade Wilson in the chest and gets him arrested. Only there is nothing on Slade so the cops let him go. He ditches the cops and returns to Thea and let’s her go but stops her at the door and says he knows Oliver’s secret and if she wants to know she should stay. Roy thinks Oliver is a dictator and quits the team. Isabella takes control of Queen Industries and informs him Deathstroke was behind it all then does some ninja shit on him. Arrow takes out some goons to get to Thea but she is walking into the police station. She tells Ollie and Moria she knows about Merlin being her father then leaves Starling City. Slade drops the bomb to Laurell that Ollie is the Arrow.  Arrow is really entertaining tvthatiwatch.


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