The Tomorrow People 1.18

“Smoke and Mirrors” 3/31/14 The Founder says that this is a new Ultra and we are here to help paranormals. A street magician showcase his abilities and the new ultra decides to bring him in. Cara and John decide to bring him in too. Jed still thinks The Founder is evil so he goes to Stephen’s house and puts a gun to Luka’s head and makes Stephen show of his powers which sets Luka off thinking his family is a freak. The Founder says if the Tomorrow People bring back the breakout he will consider it a truce. But the magician leaves the TP and The Founder sends a hit squad after him. Jed makes John come meet him and says help me bring back Roger. The Founder scares the crap out of the magician and let’s him go. Hillary finds Luka and makes Stephen have sex with her. The Founder shows Stephen the machine and asks him to do a test run. The Tomorrow People is tvthatiwatch.


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