Teen Wolf 3.24

“The Divine Move” 3/24/14 Noshiko tells Kira of The Divine Move.  A hail mary move inspired enough to win the game. Nojit-Stiles takes on the hospital and makes the Uni hack/slash their way to get to Scott’s mom and after the first slash, leave. The Uni show up at the police station too, hack/slashing thru everyone and after the first slash, leave. Deaton gets attacked and hacked too. Scott, Lydia, Kira and Stiles go to the school and end up in a winter wonderland in Bardo and the Nojitsunni mummy shows up. Stiles figures out the winter wonderland is an illusion. Argent shows up with some silver arrows take out the Uni.  But one of Uni blocks an arrow and twin Aiden grabs it and stabs him but only after the Uni stabs him. Scott bites Nojit-stiles and Kira stabs him which releases the firefly and Issac then captures it in the Nematon’s box.  Aiden dies after he pulls out the sword. Danny breaks up with twin Ethan because even though he has been ok with it so far he really doesn’t think he can date a werewolf!!! WTF Danny knows. Derek tells Stiles he had a dream where Severo broke in the loft to find out about La Loba and they all get attacked by someone with a shotgun… Kate Argent the werewolf!  Teen Wolf is awesome tvthatiwatch.                                              


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