Being Human 4.11

“Ramona The Pest” 3/24/14 Sally wakes up in a weird secret room. Josh wakes up back at the house. Sally is corporeal… no wait its a dream. Aiden does a hysterical kool-aid man through the secret wall and the mystery begins. Well I mean we know about the little girl who was sacrificed several episodes ago but that’s about it. Sally’s father shows up and gives them a week to get out. Kenny wants to go and live his life so Aiden and he decided to fake his death. Ramona shows up, Beatrice’s twin sister, and says I want to see my sister. Aiden goes to the DMV to see Beatrice but she calls the cops. The pack uses Astrid to go get Josh, but Ramona won’t let Josh out of the room till he turns. Then Josh destroys the pack including Astrid. Aiden tells Kenny that the pack killed Astrid and then Josh killed the pack. Sally jumps in Josh’s body before he turns and helps him confront the wolf, and he does, so he’s back to normal. Astrid ghost goes to visit Kenny and tells him the truth.  Being Human is tvthatiwatch the final season of.


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