Arrow 2.17

“Birds Of Prey” 3/26/14 Frank Bertinelli gets busted and it’s only a matter of time before Helena shows up to take down her dad that she’s been looking for. Arrow calls Roy Speedy! Laurel is asked to come back to the DA’s office to take Frank’s prosecution. At the trial, Huntress shows up to take him out but it’s a trap but she’s come prepared and takes everyone hostage for her dad’s life. Laurel and Black Canary decide to take her on only Huntress tosses Canary out a window. Arrow steals Frank in a trade for Laurel. Catfighty fight. Frank gets shot by the hyperactive Captain Stein which devistates Helena because she didn’t pull the trigger but realizes his death didn’t solve anything. Kate Spenser tells Laurel the DA didn’t have the power to reinstate her and it was all his plan to set her up as a decoy for huntress so Laurel blackmails her into getting her job back instead of going to the press about the DA’s blunder. Roy and Thea break up because Ollie thinks Roy can’t control himself.  Great line where Roy mentions that he can’t pass a bowl of water without slapping it. And Slade picks Thea up on the street like a common hooker. Arrow is fun tvthatiwatch.


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