Masters Of Sex 1.08

“Love and Marriage” 11/17/14 Virginia enrolls in anatomy. Austin bails on a weekend with Margaret but not before Margaret ends it to save face. Afterwords she goes to the bar and meets Barton’s lover but doesn’t put two and two together when Barton shows up and instead give him advice that people suck.  To make up for it Barton says that man was a pimp and gets him women. Then decides to take her on a date. Libby’s handyman drops by and teachers her the tango. Ethan decides to pop the question to Vivian. Virginia shows up to anatomy class and is the first to dissect a body. Dr. DePaul wants pap smear studies and we find out she has stage 4 cancer. Barton wants to do aversion therapy and pisses off his boy toy. Libby is pregnant again. Virginia gets 100% on her exam. And they watch a orgasm on camera. Masters Of Sex is really good tvthatiwatch.


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