Teen Wolf 3.23

“Insatiable” 3/17/14 Which Stiles is Stiles? The Uni show up and verify Stiles is Stiles. Nojisu-stiles tells Lydia he wants her to scream. Noshiko tries to teach Kira. Stiles goes and sees his dad and somehow makes the connection that the girl in the institution, Meredith, might be a banshee too? The twins are getting shot at with wolfsbane and Derek makes them hide out in a coyote den. Stiles is starting to degrade. Meredith shows up at school and the team takes her back to Scott’s place and she tells them where Lydia is. Scott’s dad’s big secret is… apparently he tossed him down the stairs years ago while he was drinking.  That is why he left. Noshiko and the Uni head to the Oak Creek.  And so does the gang. As the Uni try to take out the Nojisu-stiles he breaks the last tail and gains control of the Uni!!!!! Everyone fights and as the Uni take apart Issac, Allison fires her last shot into the heart of an Uni and kills it.  Then an Uni ports in and stabs her!!!!! WTF! Teen Wolf is really good tvthatiwatch.


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