Hannibal 2.04

“Takiawase” 3/21/14 Beverly confirms the eye mural murderer was in the center of the eye and Will says look for details that point to Hannibal. Will says he will give exclusive rights to Dr. Chilton if he doesn’t give any info to Hannibal. Jack’s wife, Bella, stops by to see Hannibal. Someone creates a human body as a bee hive. Chilton truth serums Will and Will points more fingers at Hannibal. Beverly figures out the mural killers kidney was taken. Another bee related victim leads to a homeopathic killer who was Kevorkianing her victims. Bella takes all her morphine and showed up to Hannibal’s doorstep. And I’m assuming as a dick move Hannibal flips a coin and gives her a counteraction to it and calls Jack. Beverly breaks into Hannibal’s place and finds evidence and finds a secret basement and then finds a really pissed off Hannibal. Shots fired.  Holy shit.  Hannibal is amazing tvthatiwatch.

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