Teen Wolf 3.22

“De-Void” 3/10/14 Sheriff Stilinski confronts Stiles.  When everyone else shows up too, Stiles takes them down and then the Uni show up and battles everyone. Stiles confronts Noshiko and takes her last tail and stabs himself with it unleashing a ton of flies which infect each of the wolves. Ethan and Lydia are driving around but find stiles lying in a parking lot. So they dope him up and while he’s under, contemplate turning him into a werewolf so ask Peter to drop by and give Scott tips.  He instead thinks Scott should dive into Stiles’ head with the help of Lydia.  Meanwhile all the other wolves beat up on each other and Kira and Allison. And they run around till they get to the nematode white room and Scott roars because Stiles is part of his pack and they all wake up and Stiles vomits bandages and then a bandaged Nojitsunni climbs out of the huge pile of vomit bandages and when they take the bandages off, its Stiles.  Only vomit Stiles left with Lydia.  Teen Wolf is awesome tvthatiwatch.


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