Grimm 3.15

“Once We Were Gods” 3/14/14 People knock down a wall and find an Egyptian sarcophagus. Wu is going a little crazy. Two crazy kids break into the lab to steal the body in the sarcophagus but a rent a cop stops them and one of the kids gets killed and a cop too. Beati Paoli, teenage gang of Weson that want to keep Weson things from being exploited by humans. Alexander from the council shows up. The professor does a xray of the sarcophagus and sees an Anubis. Sebastian gets tortured to reveal the resistance. The Anubis Beati Paoli takes the professor and makes her take him to the sarcophagus. Nick and Hank take him down and Alex steals the body and everyone burns the body. And Wu gets out.  Grimm is tvthatiwatch.


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