Being Human 4.09

“Too Far, Fast Forward” 3/10/14 Sally becomes a ghost. Cop Bishop shows up to deal with Sally’s body. Aiden kills Ray and is just mean to Josh. One year later. The virus rears its ugly head. Josh is now a pie cook. Aiden and Nora have an agreement that she screens for good blood and he doesn’t turn her in for popping pills. Sally brings Josh back to Aiden. Josh goes to see Nora. It’s odd they are reliving the last few seasons again. Aiden uses Josh’s blood to get around the virus and kills Bishop. When Aiden goes to make amends to Sally, Donna summons Sally and Sally tells her they are friends and Donna promises to send her in the future but all three must agree. She slingshots into the far future where she sees Aiden snap Josh’s neck then returns to her own timeline and sees her brother being carted off by the ambulance.  Being Human’s last season is tvthatiwatch.


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