Teen Wolf 3.21

“The Fox And The Wolf” 3/3/14 During a WWII mass burial of the Japanese at an internment camp at Oak Creek, a Nojitsunni kills some MP’s. NojitStiles looks for Kira’s moms(Noshiko) knives/tails who is apparently 943 years old.  Apparently she was in the camp back in the day. The brain scans from Stiles and his mom are the exact same, which is impossible. So the trixter is playing games with Stiles. Back in the camp the doctor sold drugs on the side so when the camp gets pneumonia and a kid dies, the inmates revolt and a shootout happens. Noshiko’s army boyfriend ends up getting burned alive so she calls to a spirit of her ancestors for a chaos, strife and pain, which is a Nojitsunni, who inhabits her bf’s body so she runs to the hospital and battles the Nojitsunni with the help of a werewolf  and releases the Nojitsunni in a fly that she captures by shattering a katana in him which Kira can fix because she is a thunder kitsuni. Back in the camp, she takes the fly and buries it deep in the nematon which the kid unleashed at the mid-season finale!!!!  Teen Wolf is really fun tvthatiwatch.


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