Lost Girl 4.08

“Groundhog Fae” 3/3/14 Krampus feeds on regret. Bo washes a car, takes a candy from the candy dish and has a party at the house during Yule and wakes up in her car again and again and again. Dyson and Lauren have a box to show Bo. During the loop, Bo and Tamsin realize someone is sucking people into the walls every loop. Hale’s outside the loop too.  When Krampus grabs Tamsin, Bo jumps into a car and into the Candyland of Krampus.  Tamsin confesses she was the one gave up Bo to the Wanderer.  The Krampus realizes Bo will make blue candy so releases everyone to make Bo into candy and when she confesses that she is scared he releases her.  Bo gets a vial with black some in it.  Lost Girl is tvthatiwatch.


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