Black Sails 1.08

“VIII.” 3/15/14 The Madam of the brothel has been skimming from the top so Rackham fires her. Silver gives Flint the last piece of the schedule. Flint and Gates share a bottle and reminisce. The next day, when the ships go to the location of the Urca there is nothing there. Vane takes the castle on Nassau and starts firing on the ships in the harbor. Vane comes down from the castle and proposes that he become a partner to Eleanor consortium. A Spanish warship happens on the two pirate ships. Flint comes up with a plan to take it on but Gates says no so Flint snaps his neck. Silver stumbles in and tries to save the situation. Quartermaster Dufresne confirms that Gates died of a heart attack helping Flint’s cause. Then at the moment when the ruse is about to happen he confronts Flint and accuses him of treason and the crew believes him letting the Spanish warship slip past till Silver ignites a canon thereby forcing the battle to happen. The two pirate ships get blown to smithereens. The next morning Flint wakes up bandaged and wondering why he hasn’t been killed and Silver informs him, after a short trek top the other side of the island, they didn’t take into consideration the huge storm destroying the Urca then shows him the shipwrecked ship and the Spanish warship the blew them out of the water excavating the 87 tons of gold. Hello Treasure Island and second season.  Black Sails is fun pirate tvthatiwatch.


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