Black Sails 1.06

“VI.” 3/1/14 Max wakes up to see Bonnie watching over her. The slaves aboard Brysons ship conspire to help the pirates. Eleanor relents to Hornigold’s position about Vane. Billy finds a letter written by Miranda asking the British to forgive Flint for his transgressions. Bonne goes to Eleanor to come up with a plan to free Max. Miranda gives a little history lesson to the pastor then jumps him right there on the porch. The slaves revolt and kill Bryson and his crew. Silver convinces Hammund that Rackham still has black pearls and Bonnie tells Hammund it’s buried by the wrecks as an ambush. Bryson left a booby trap that explodes the TNT. Billy falls overboard. After Vane’s crew is killed, Max is freed. Vane finally finishes his solo quest by landing somewhere with a giant. Black Sails is pirate tvthatiwatch.


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