Black Sails 1.03

“III” 2/8/14 Flint wakes up in what appears to be his wife? Or gf? Miranda’s home. Gates shows up and drops off Richard with her for safe keeping. Silver gives the team just half of the schedule in return for becoming a member of the crew. Gates goes to see Captain Hornigold and asks him for his ship the Royal Lion, with Gates as Captain. Rackham conspires to make Vane the captain of the second boat. Vane has Max as a prisoner. Pastor Lambrick drops by Miranda’s place to tell her that a British ship harbored here plans to return Nassau to British rule as Richard snoops in Mrs Barrows home. Eleanor drops in on Vane for a quickie. As Rackham goes to take Max out of the camp, the crew decide to rape her. Eleanor goes to her rescue and forbids the crew from working with Vane and gives his ship to Flint. And Max feels betrayed so stays behind. Black Sails is fun pirate tvthatiwatch.


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