Black Sails 1.01

“I.” 1/21/14 Pirate Captain Flint overtakes a British ship laying waste to the crew. John Silver kills the cook during the skirmish and steals the page from the old captain’s logs that the cook stole. When they land in Nassau, John Silvers hooks up with the hooker Max. Eleanor Guthrie, and her retainer Mr. Scott, invests in Flint plan to hunt down a scuttled ship with a 5 million dollar purse. Flint and Billy, the ship’s bosun, goes to see Richard Guthrie but a team of Englishmen show up and step to arrest Guthrie for racketeering but they stop them but Richard ends up getting shot. Gates the first mate gets a crew member to stand up for the Captain and Captain Vane kills said member who was the deciding vote for Flint. Singleton, a crew member, wants to vote the captain out but flint accuses him the stealing the page so they duel and Flint beats the crap out of him and gives a blank page to Billy who reluctantly says it’s the stolen page. Black Sails is pirate tvthatiwatch.

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