Being Human 4.08

“Rewind, Rewind” 3/3/14 Sally goes back to her death moment, steps in and beats the crap out her husband thereby altering reality. She visits the hospital sees Nora and Aiden and is amused by seeing them. 6 months later. She stops Aiden from slipping into his predatory way with a scene right from way back in the pilot. She asks Josh and Aiden to move in. Teaches Josh the rump roast trick. Danny kills her best friend. Sally and Aiden start dating. She invites Nora over. Josh slashes Sally on the night he turns. Months later Josh decides to leave the apartment and Ray, his maker, shows him how to take the power on the night before the full moon and they confront Aiden and his friend with Sally witnessing. Sally ends up dying thanks to Ray bopping her on the head.  Being Human is tvthatiwatch.


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