Teen Wolf 3.20

“Echo House” 2/24/14 Stiles gets admitted into a psych ward. A suicide at the ward reveals the mummy Nojitsunni. Scott and Allison have to find a scroll. Malia is in Echo house and punches Stiles. Deatons sister works in the hospital too? Stiles has to stay awake or the Nojitsunni will take over. Malia just wanted to be a coyote so Stiles says get me in the basement and I’ll find someone to teach you. The team has to get into Katashi’s stuff which is under police protection so plan a caper. Kinkade, Katashi’s wolf, breaks into the police can before the team can and takes Silverfinger but the guys beat it out of him. The godmother from earlier tells Argent to do his job. Stiles does the deed with Malia. Then they see the #5 self symbol etched in the wall and break it down to reveal the mummy Nojitsunni buried in the wall. Oliver stops them and we find out he’s been the Renfield to the Nojitsunni. And Stiles let’s the Nojitsunni take over Malia gets out to find Scott. Teen Wolf is damn good tvthatiwatch.

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