Teen Wolf 3.19

“Letharia Vulpina” 2/17/14 Deaton is in Japan and tricks the son of the last Nojitsunni into getting him lichen that grows from the blood of his father. With electricity flying everywhere, people start getting zapped till Kira steps in and absorbs the energy. And Stiles goes missing. Until he shows up with a wolf emitter in the basement and tells them the Nojitsunni is planning something. As the cross country team runs, Stiles and the gang tries to stop them from running into a trap. But there is nothing there till Coach triggers an arrow to the gut. Lydia goes to Peter to find out why he is messing with them and he wants her to read his sisters claws. She says he is not just an uncle. Kira’s mother is a Kitsuni too and breaks 2 of her tails to release more power. There is a package on the bus that could be a bomb but turns out to be Sheriff Stilinski’s placard so the bomb is actually at the sheriff’s station and it goes boom. Malia, the coyote, turns out to be Peter’s daughter. The gang heads to the animal clinic for protection but The Uni attack Stiles, Scott and Kira only Scott gets stabbed. As they go inside, Stiles Nojitsunni comes out and smashes Kira’s head against a table, then twists the sword in Scott and then takes all the pain Scott had been absorbing through the episode until Deaton injects him in the neck. Meanwhile Argent and Derek get arrested for murdering Katashi. Teen Wolf is awesome tvthatiwatch.


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