Being Human 4.06

“Cheater Of The Pack” 2/17/14 Josh wakes up next to a strange woman. Robbie, Sally’s brother stops by and says he’s selling the house. Suzanne stops Aiden from going to a sleazy blood den even though she really should have left town. Josh confronts the girl he hooked up with and she doesn’t see it as a bad thing. Aiden and Suzanne hook up. The husband the she she-wolf Josh slept with pops by and starts beating the crap out of Josh and Josh wolfs out to stop him. Sally goes into her brothers past while her brother in the present tries to fix up the house till something floods the basement then drops an electronic saw in the water electrocuting him. And he pops up as a ghost. After Suzanne dumps him Aiden does a bad thing.  Being Human is tvthatiwatch.


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