Arrow 2.14

“Time Of Death” 2/26/14 The Clock King! coordinates two thugs to break into Kord Industries! and steal a skeleton key device that allows him to hack any combination. Ollie throws a welcome back from the dead party for Sara. Lauren pouts. Island Ollie, Sara and Slade watch a plane crash and the dying pilot makes Sara take care of his soon to be orphaned daughter who I’m inferring to be Syn!!! Quentin makes Laurel have a dinner party so he can try to get back with his ex wife. Tockman uses the skeleton key to hack Arrows computer lair and blows them up making Felicity feel like she is not pulling her weight so she devises a plan to bait the Clock King. The team takes him down and Felicity takes a bullet to save Sara.  Arrow is really fun tvthatiwatch.


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