Agents of SHIELD 1.22

“Beginning Of The End” 5/13/14 We start at ANOTHER Cybertech divison where a new recruit is being shown the ropes of telemarketing… err… telecaming… well, eye observing people with implants.  Which takes us to the slew of super-soldiers about to pummel the team. May disarms one of them, who happens to have the Loki pokie angry stick, and she and Coulson start to destroy the build but not before Skye gets the coordinates to the Cybertech place from the opener. Fitz/Simmons are at the bottom of the ocean about to die. Garrett is going a little crazy and start writing a strange schematic on the blackboard. Quinn tells the government he wants to make super soldiers and they should give him money to do that.  When the General says he needs demonstration Garrett pulls out the five star generals ribs as a demonstration. Flower Dress tells us Skye’s parents have a “darkness” inside them and Ward should go find her to bring that darkness out. When the team raids the Cybertech tech support super-soldiers attack the tank Coulson and Triplett used to break in while Skye and May snuck in to take over tech support.  When protocol dictates turning them over to default programming they stop attacking the tank and go defend Garrett. May takes on Ward and she nails his feet to the floor with a nail gun. During the attack, Ian takes the Gravitonium with Flower Dress.  Fitz/Simmons figure out they can blow out the windows out, of course there is only air for one of them, and swim to the surface where Fury has been patiently waiting for them in a helicopter. Coulson takes on Garrett and Fury shows up to help and then Garrett does a very long exposition without fighting. We find out what the incentives program all the Cybertech tech support people were talking about…. their family are hostages so Skye lets them out and hunts down Ace, Deathlok’s kid, and they send a message to Deathlok who shoots Garrett.  Wrap up… Deathlok walks into the night. Garrett crawls over to the Deathlok machine to get an upgrade and then gets blown up by Coulson. Coulson lays into Fury who tells him he is an avenger and there is the only one capable of restarting SHIELD, hence Director Coulson!  They show up a new digs called the Playground, being run by none other than Billy Koenig.  Teaser #1: Raina, aka Flower girl, shows a mysterious blood dripping man Skye’s picture and says your daughter is alive.  Teaser #2:  Coulson wakes up and starts sketching a larger version of the schmatic.  Agents of SHIELD is great tvthatiwatch that WILL be coming back for a second season.

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