Grimm 3.11

“The Good Soldier” 1/17/14 A female veteran confronts a man in a bar about what he did to her in Iraq.  When he heads home, she confronts him again and when he runs her off and heads back into his place he gets stabbed in the chest by a Manticore Wesen. Rosalee’s mom wants to see her but she is hesitant to drive up there and open old wounds so Monroe offers to go with her. And baggage ensues.  Troy, another vet comes home to find the same girl chatting up his wife, she asks him if he thinks of her while having sex with his wife.  Thats odd. When Hank and Nick look into the murder they find out another member of the squad was killed last week and that surprisingly a security service that hires vets had hired all the same squad. When Troy tells the wife about Iraq the Troy’s wife tells him stfu and then she proceeds to get stabbed thru the heart by the manticore and Troy too.  When Hank and Nick get the squad’s CO on the line, who happens to be dying of cancer, he informs them that mercenaries are above the governments law so they get away with a lot over there, like raping a female specialist.  They figure out the last member of the squad is probably going to get killed and they think the woman is the manticore so they rush to the security company.  They arrest her but she turns into a steinalder not a manticore and tells them she didn’t kill anyone.  Deduction leads to her CO who confesses he should have stood up for her.  He and the last member fight and the CO gets stabbed but gets a confession out of the last squad member. Meanwhile Adalind is having baby pains. Grimm is fun tvthatiwatch.

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  1. Nate says:

    Grimm is terrible tvthatyouwatch. 😛

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