Agents of SHIELD 1.19

“Providence” 4/15/14 Raina, the girl in the flower dress gets busted out of prison by Ward and meets up with Garrett. Colonel Talbot of the US army – in a ridiculous moustache – wants to stop by SHIELD so before he gets there the team leaves in the plane. Ward is bad. Like he is Hydra!!!! Garrett stole a bunch of samples from Tahiti and asks Raina to figure out the mystery. Coulson’s badge flashes coordinates so they head to the Arctic on a wild goose chase that leads them to Patton Oswald!, Eric Koenig, and Providence. Who tells just him Fury is alive. Garrett and Ward head to the Fridge and steal some toys and let some prisoners out. Garrett sends Ward back to the team to get Skye’s access codes to the hard drive. Garrett give some Gravitonium to Ian Quinn.  Agents of SHIELD is really good tvthatiwatch.


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