Agents of SHIELD 1.15

“Yes Men” 3/11/14 Lorelei upgrades to a biker gang. Lady Sif shows up and says Lorelei can control men so let’s get her and slip a Asgardian dog collar on her to lift and separate her from the men. The team takes on the biker gang, well Sif takes them on, and Holt becomes enthralled by her. The two ride off to Vegas. And do it. Holt had sex with an Asgardian. Thats creepy. Lorelei and Holt hijack the plane and eject Sif out of the plane.  Only Asgardians can hold on real tight. Skye let’s Sif back in and everyone fights.  Lorelei gets captured and brought back to Odin who requested her in his army. Coulson tells Skye the Mirakuru was alien. Agents of SHIELD is fun tvthatiwatch.


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