Sleepy Hollow 1.13

“Bad Blood” 1/20/14 Parish has a dream Moloch is coming and bringing War to Sleepy Hollow. Crane wanders into a Civil War reenactment. Crane informs Abby that he made a dupe of the map and he’s figured it out that the map is a series of lay lines that converge here. Jennifer tells Abby not to go cause Crane will betray her and that if she doesn’t come back she will go crazy person with a gun on him. Parish, Crane and Abby go to the lay line spot. Parish says don’t partake in purgatory or you will trapped there. The witnesses open the gateway and walk inside. Abby wakes up with a bump on her head greeted by Corbin and Andy offering apple pie and see thru the illusion. Crane wakes up back in England greeted by his father and a professorship but he sees thru the illusion. Jennifer listens thru old tapes of Corbin’s. Crane and Abby are now in a creepy forest filled with lost souls and head to the church and meet up with Katrina.  She can’t leave until she is forgived but says there is another way… a soul can take her place. Abby makes a decision to stay behind and gets the amulet then starts to throw down with Moloch. Crane, Parish and Katrina head to the 4 white trees. Jennifer figures out the signs but the horseman shoots at her and flips her car. Parish turns out to be WOW… Jeremie and was released by Moloch 20 years ago, by the two witnesses, Abby and Jennifer!!! The horseman shows up and Jeremie gives Horseman Abraham what he’s always wanted… his mom Katrina. He then tosses his dad, Crane, into his old grave breaks the seal of War and burys his dad. Sleep Hollow had an exceptionally good season finale for tvthatiwatch.


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