Sleepy Hollow 1.12

“The Indispensible Man” 1/20/14 Abby gets a visit from Andy. Crane tries to figure out what is so important about December 18th, 1799 four days after Washington’s death. Oh, and he wants an iPhone because everyone else has one. Zombie George Washington has drawn Crane a map from Earth to Purgatory. Frank is being questioned about what has gone done so far and says its… evil that has gone down so far. Moloch makes a mummy out of Andy by wrapping him in bug webbing. Reverend Knapp, the priest that has lived since the 1800’s and dies in the first episode has beads on him that are cursed so they ask Parish to help them get them.  He gets the beads but gets burned pretty seriously. Demon creatures attack them in the cemetery. Andy climbs out of the cocoon a new man, or monster thingie. Washington apparently has multiple graves so they go hunt for it.  And then some National Treasure stuff starts happening and Washington’s body is revealed along with the map?  Andymonster shows up and does some throwing people around till Parish touches him and causes him some great pain.  Andy says destroy the map then Abby stabs him in the head.  The underground tomb starts to collapse and Andy comes back to life but they escape in the nick of time by shooting the boobytrap. Crane burns the map to show Abby he believes in her and that Moloch then can’t use the map to escape. Irving confesses to killing the two cops to save his daughter. Crane recreates the map with his photographic memory and cries.  Sleepy Hollow is tvthatiwatch.

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