Helix 1.10

“Fushgi” Sarah goes in for a CAT scan and hallucinates then figures out the virus extends the telomeres of the DNA strands then falls down and goes boom.  Sergio and Anana and Miksa recuperate after taking out the Ilaria hit squad. Hataki lets Julia know he’s been stalking her, cause that’s what Dad’s do. Alan and Julia take a snowcat and decided to hunt down Adrian who is holed up in an old Russian outpost abandoned 26 years ago. A sniper takes out Adrian.  And pins down Alan and Julia until they find an amazing trap door in the floor.  Which leads to… a creepy russian SilverEye chained up in the basement for the last 29 years by Hataki.  He says something about there can be only 500 and some crazy statistics about what SilverEyes are capable of.  The sniper finds them in the basement but only after Julia frees the Russian, who kills himself – his definition of freedom.  After the sniper slaps them around, Miksa shoots him in the head and they burn the Russian outpost and Julia throws the Narvik samples in the fire. Vector Peter can apparently talk and after wrecking Hataki’s office and looking through photobooks he tells Hataki it will be over soon. And Hataki further clarifies the 500 comment.  Its 500 immortals that run the Ilaria corporation.  Say what???? The music design on this show it so sick.  Between the title music and this shootout music – the first noel – its insanely disturbing. Helix is entertaining tvthatiwatch.


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