Arrow 2.11

“Blind Spot” Blood visits his mom and she has a heart attack because sons never visit.  Ivo taught Sarah “things”?  That sounds dirty. Laurel asks to meet the Arrow to investigate Sebastian Blood.  Laurel and Arrow teams up to steal a file but Slade stole it so they teamed up to steal an empty file. Blood takes vengeance by revealing the fact she is an druggie, totally discrediting her.  But then she gets abducted and a faux Blood, Officer Daily, and Arrow fight till Laurell shoots him. Once they reveal its Daily, everyone thinks Laurel is a lunatic druggie for thinking Sebastian was Blood, and she gets fired.  Roy decides to become a superhero and stops a John from shiv-ing Sin by repeatedly kicking and punching and throwing and kicking him and then kicking him some more then Arrow decides to train him in the super-hero ways.  Arrow is good tvthatiwatch.


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