Arrow 2.09

“Three Ghosts” Picking up the nonstop pace from last episode.  Felicity & Diggle have revealed Arrow/Oliver to Barry due to Arrow’s convulsions from getting skewered by drug needles last episode.  Barry gives him rat poison to thin his blood and Ollie start having hallucinations.  First up is Shado telling him to let himself die and join her, and that things are gonna get bad and he should live to honor her (Well thats confusing). After he wakes up and yells at Felicity, threatening to kill Barry, Ollie runs home to find out Arrow has shot Roy and he is hiding out in Thea’s room and she’s barred the door from anyone coming in. After Diggle patches him up Thea and Sin go to Laurel to dig into their friend who ODed at the blood drive – you know the one that Blood sponsored to test out his new supersoldier serum. Slade is the next hallucination and tells him he couldn’t save Shado so what makes him think they could save the city?  Felicity does a face rec on Cyrus/Solomon Grundy and figures out where he lives.  Diggle goes there and bails when Cyrus attacks him.  Arrow then gives everything he has on Cyrus to Quentin who then plans a raid with Hilton who rats the raid out to Blood and Cyrus decimates the cops putting Quentin in the hospital. Roy finds out everyone who ODed was evaluated by the Langford Institute so breaks in and steals a file on his friend but gets caught by Cyrus and tried up back at Blood’s lair.  Blood injects him with Mirakuru and he “dies”.  Arrow and Blood fighty fight and Arrow gets visited by the ghost of Tommy past. Arrow brings Roy back to life.  Blood meets up with his boss… Slade! Meanwhile Island Ollie, Sara and Shado get caught by Ivo but only after they super soldier injected and apparently killed Slade.  Ivo makes Oliver choose between killing Sara or Shado and he picks saving Sara so Ivo shoots Shado. Slade comes back to life and vows to kill anyone involved in Shado’s death.  Barry returns to Central City, the particle accelerator blows up and Barry gets struck by lighting and chemicals.  Arrow is really fun tvthatiwatch.


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