Arrow 1.10

“Blast Radius” Dr. Simon from Firefly, aka Shrapnel, is blowing things up in Starling City to take down corporations because they are evil.  Sebastian Blood holds a rally, to rally the people and convince them to vote for him.  Shrapnel sets up bomb around the rally but The Green Arrow saves them all.  Meanwhile Slade and Roy are dealing with the aftermath of being injected with the mirakuru serum.  For Roy that means banging Speedy against a very precarious shelf that will enevitably drop something on you.  For Slade that means choking Oliver out in the jungle.  Elsewhere, Flash is still in a coma/sleeping no matter how much Felicity watches him sleep/coma but Oliver says I need you here so ditch him he’s going to marry Iris anyway.  Laurel goes and sees Sebastian’s ward of the state who says he’s the devil, he killed his father and you can’t trust anything he says. Arrow is DC comics tvthatiwatch.


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