Sleepy Hollow 1.05

“John Doe” The lost town of Roanoke gets explained when a child of the colony’s shows up with a mysterious disease in present day.  Crane and the boy chat in Middle English, which sounds like a fictional language plug for the Hobbit. Anyways the kids got black vein disease and everyone knows Disease = Pestilence = Horseman.  Ichy and Abbie start to track where the kids might have come from and end up at a pond with a secret bridge that Indiana Jones used in the Last Crusade, which takes them into a special place where the colony has been hiding out for the last 500 year without aging.  Everyone there is plagued as well but living with it so suck it up 2012ers and Abby sees the Horseman.  Crane gets the black veins and decides to take the kid back to the secret island to cure him.  Abby says dunk him in the town water supply for fun, which he does and everything is fixed… except all the Roanokers really died back then and the Horseman can travel around in time and have kids just magically appear whenever he wants.  Sleepy Hollow is tvthatiwatch.


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